Catching up mid-Pandemic

Pandemic collection

I really got into the research for my last post and had a preliminary draft for the second post, then I got distracted (again). Then a pandemic happened (still in it). Then a Civil Rights Movements started. (#BLM!)

So I guess I can get away with “I’ve been busy”.

For my first post back after such a hiatus, I thought it fickle to make it an educational post about Biologics. As thrilling as that may be, I decided my time would be best spend doing a “catch-up” post.

catching up mid-pandemic
This made me chuckle

New friendship <3

The beginning of this year, a woman reached out to me due to our common interests and I’m happy to say it has budded into a lovely friendship. The sad thing is, the first time we met in person, we barely touched. Which in a pre-pandemic world would sound like a weird stalker-ish statement. However, after Covid-19 popped up, we now have this thing called “social distancing”.

Around the time we first met up in person, it wasn’t a full fledged roaring Pandemic, but it was starting to be very prevalent. Being that I’m immunocompromised, we decided to be extra cautious and social distance. Hilariously enough, this was easy for us both, since we were both terrified about meeting someone off the internet (lol). Our girls night/shopping/class thing went super well and when I got out the Lyft we shared at the end of the night, instead of a nice friendly hug, we curtsied. It was cute..but to this day, I’m sad we didn’t just hug.

Hi, my name is Lunabug, and I am a hugger

It’s silly maybe, but human touch and human connection are so important to me. It’s only now relevant to society because you can’t touch ANYthing or ANYone without being afraid of contagion. I am paranoid about surfaces outside my home, and I haven’t touched anyone outside my quarantine pod since March. I’m a hugger, and I’m sad I can’t hug the people I care about.

Speaking of which. I haven’t seen my family since Christmas 2019. It is now August 2020. Theo and I are planning on surprise visiting for an early birthday and I’m terrified that someone will get sick, but I need to hug my momma. I need to squeeze my nieces and nephews. I gotta share a moment with my dad. My family is crazy, and drive me insane, but I adore them. They helped mold who I am today.

The feelings of apprehension are the worst. I know I will experience a moment of hesitation before I embrace my mother, and it hurts me. This is only one effect of this pandemic. It’s only one piece of the trauma we all carry right now.

Let’s blow this joint

The second update is that due to the unchecked systemic racism, lack of quality education, lack of equity, and the rampant fascism ever growing in America today, Theo and I are planning to get the hell outta Dodge. I would attempt to explain the movement further, but there are countless people out there that are doing it and explaining it better than I ever could. Search for those people!

As much as I believe in the BLM movement, support it, and ultimately would benefit from the demands put forth, I want to start a family soon. The changes will take too long. This country is not ready to embrace those changes. The reason I bring that up though, is because Theo and I have decided to start a family. It just isn’t safe or fair enough for what we want for our kid(s).

I can’t bear the thought of raising our mixed child here. To be clear, the only reason I feel badly about moving out is because my parents migrated TO America for more opportunities. They went to the wrong country, unfortunately. I hope where Theo and I end up will be the right one.

Baby website now?

Not so fast. Although I will likely chart out my journey here regarding my health and my pregnancy, my posts will continue to focus on my autoimmune story. If I do get pregnant, I will stay focused on how my autoimmune struggles will affect that process from medication changes to how my flares are doing.

We haven’t even started trying yet and I already have a few things to report and comment, on, so stay tuned. Just to give a little morsel, Theo and I have met with a Maternal Fetal Specialist whose team will be the ones to follow me. We have also spoken with a genetic counselor who will help us decide how to move forward.

I will post about all the in-depth health related topics as promptly and eloquently as possible, in case I can pass on some tips/tricks (my favorite).

funny meme
Because I am still good at learning stuff

Speaking of tricks…

To get through the pandemic I:

  • have starting cooking more foods, experimenting and learning new cooking styles
  • started baking new goods such as peach cobbler and cherry crisps
  • learned how to stack and decorate a multilayered cake
  • got back into sewing and crocheting
  • took a look around my household and start making choices to go greener (bamboo toothbrushes!)
  • started exercising daily (mostly)
  • got into buying more farm fresh and less processed foods
  • got into activism (what were you doing when history was being made?)
  • Made an effort to stay in touch with family and friends more

What did you find yourself doing during te great quarantine of 2020?

Sending you lots of gentle hugs and warm light,


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  1. I can’t say I blame you for looking to move. There were several awkward moments in the bringing up of them (being mistaken for my lighter-skinned children’s nanny was fun) but nothing like the mess going on now. I am not ready to leave. But I will say thoughts of leaving have crossed my mind more often in the last 4 years than they ever have before. I hear Scotland is quite nice.

    I’d been politically active before the pandemic, attending several protests, but because my husband is diabetic (making him higher risk of Bad Things if he catches the Covid) most of my activism revolves around donations, letter/postcard writing, and encouraging others to vote. Not going out is frustrating.

    My kids have been picking up new cooking skills…which is wonderful because I feel better about them surviving as adults now. I’ve mostly been up-ing my curl game (there were so many things I didn’t know how to DO!) and writing moody poetry and short fiction. Though finally I’ve started work on the novel. LOL, let’s see if I finish it.

    1. Scotland, eh? We have heard that Norway is quite nice ourselves, and has a great education system to boot!

      I had been active myself, as much as I could be, but just like you I had to put a hard pause on in-person activism. It’s all about signing petitions, writing emails, and donating funds.SIGH.

      Hooray for curly girl journeys! I would be happy to share some tried and true hair products, as well as lend an ear for frizz frustrations and curly triumphs! Also, I can’t wait to grab a copy of that novel when you’re done 😀

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